Rose Aura Quartz

Rose Aura Quartz

  • $4.00

Rose Aura Quartz- Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum, sometimes with additional Gold or Silver; exhibits a lovely rose metallic  sheen.

The gentle energy of Rose Aura is uplifting but not overwhelming, and produces a marvellous frequency that stimulates the pineal gland and the Heart Chakra to transmute deeply held doubts about self-worth.

It is a favourite among young women, especially if they have suffered from body image issues, abuse, or who have been deserted or rejected in love.

This crystal makes a powerful connection to Universal Love, and bestows the gift of unconditional love of the Self.

It permeates the whole body with its energy and restores the cells to perfect balance.

Rose Aura may ease the onset of puberty in girls and early menstrual difficulties in teens; also thought to assist problems with teenage pregnancy, especially if the young woman is unsupported by a partner. It is great for emotional and multidimensional healing, ameliorating anger, and soothing burns.

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