Dr Libby's Real Food Kitchen

Dr Libby's Real Food Kitchen

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Recipes, wisdom and guidance from a nutritional biochemist. The food we choose to put in our bodies has a direct impact on how we look, think and feel each day; it becomes the fuel we use to live our lives. It impacts whether we live our days with great energy or fighting fatigue. Today, too many people live on food that is devoid of critical nutrientsand their quality of life can suffer as a result. Real Food Kitchen takes family favourite recipes and puts a real food spin on them; maximising the nutrient density of every mouthful while preserving the tastes weve come to love. Covering breakfast, drinks, lunch, snacks, dinner, dressings and dessert, all recipes are dairy free and easily adapted to suit a vegetarian or gluten free lifestyle. It doesnt have to be difficult to eat wholesome, nutritious foodsand we dont have to give up on flavour. Real Food Kitchen is filled with Dr Libbys wisdom, guidance, education and 90 delicious recipes that will change the way you feel about nourishing foods, leaving you and your family both inspired and satisfied. This book is for anyone wanting to live a healthier life and looking for easy, practical and delicious recipes to guide them on this journey. Dr Libby Weaver is an internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, author and speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, with Honours, a PhD in Biochemistry, and has twenty years of clinical practice.

Author: Dr Libby Weaver


Page Count: 268

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