Peridot Twist Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7

Peridot Twist Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7

  • $65.00

This elegant ring features a faceted oval peridot (7 x 9) set diagonally on a beautiful finished silver band, which twist delicately around your finger. 

Size 7

Peridot is a Magnesium Iron Silicate.

Peridot’s energy is one of harmony, self-confidence and abundance. Everybody gets his or her fair share, but there’s a clear message here that we need to take responsibility for ourselves. It effectively prepares us to achieve what is already rightly ours.

Stimulating the 3rd and 4th chakras, peridot it is said to help align ones heart with ones will. To put it another way, it can help one to manifest the heart’s desire – as long as one is already being true to oneself.

It is considered to have a warm and friendly energy that radiates positivity and wellbeing, and can restore self-esteem, confidence and courage. It inspires a sense of self-contentedness.

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