Caribbean Blue Calcite Tower A13

  • $15.00

Balance and Tranquillity

How beautiful is this crystal!!

Caribbean Calcite was only recently discovered in 2019 in Pakistan. This is the only known source of this amazing combination of blue calcite, white and light brown aragonite so far.

The stones colours immediately grabs your attention; looking like a dreamy beach scene leaving you feel relaxed and clam.

Blue calcite helps soothe and relax the mind. Helps with communication and smooth over any rough parts of any relationship.

Brown aragonite is a grounding stone and very helpful for anyone who is actively under-going self heal work. Helps release energy blockages.

White aragonite aid in spiritual purification by filing ones energy field with "light" energy to bring calmness and bliss to the whole of ones being.

Caribbean Calcite has a deep soothing, calming energy which gifts peace and tranquillity to its user. May help with restless sleep and nightmares



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