Amazonite & Blue Howlite Crystal Gemstone & Lava Diffuse Bracelet - Lotus Charm

Amazonite & Blue Howlite Crystal Gemstone & Lava Diffuse Bracelet - Lotus Charm

  • $20.00

Beautiful Handmade Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet with Lava Stones and Lotus Charm

Throat Chakra: our ability to communicate

Amazonite: Absorbs stress caused from cell phone, microwaves etc. Filters information through mind into your intuition, very soothing stone, calms the mind and nervous system. Helps you to see both sides of a problem. Alleviates worry and fear.
Healing – Heals and opens heart & throat. Dissipates negative energy and blockages of the nervous system. Good for Osteoporosis, tooth decay & calcium deficiencies. Relieves muscle spasms.

Blue Howlite:  is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you. Blue is associated the throat chakra and communication. Howlite can help to access higher wisdom's during the dream state and bring it back into consciousness when awaking.

Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger.

Lava Stone is a beautiful and strong, yet porous natural volcanic stone. It's perfect for Aromatherapy diffusing, simply add 1-2 drops of your favourite pure essential oil directly onto the Lava Rock. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits and fragrance all day!


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